Power Interview: Neal Shaffer


An Interview with George Antone & Neal Schaffer

Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn

  • Learn fundamental social networking concepts and how to apply them to LinkedIn
  • Create and confirm your objective for using LinkedIn as well as your LinkedIn Brand
  • Discover how the Windmill Networking approach to LinkedIn can enrich your social media presence for long-term success
  • Engage with others on LinkedIn and expand your network globally
  • Leverage and maximize your LinkedIn presence through utilizing the applications, groups and answers
  • Find the best company and most fulfilling career on LinkedIn!

From the basics to advance techniques, this is the place to look… for the last word on online networking and what LinkedIn can do for you.

Listen to the interview at your convenience by using the controls below, and discover how social media can impact your career, your business and your reputation:

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AUTHOR BIO: Neal Schaffer is the creator of the Windmill Networking Blog on Social Media Strategy and is also the President of Windmills Marketing, a social media marketing strategic consultancy that has helped several companies from a variety of industries with their social media strategy creation and implementation. Shaffer works hand-in-hand with businesses in a consulting role to understand their corporate objectives and how social media can help them reach their goals. From collaborating with internal stakeholders in generating a strategic plan to coaching and training employees on how best to use the different channels that exist, Windmills Marketing provides a true end-to-end solution for companies who wish to truly understand, leverage and maximize their social media presence.

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